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WWII Treatment

A commonly held belief that there was little combat stress treatment in WWII is untrue.

This page makes available WWII combat stress references.

Use links on the right margin of the page.

Both Volumes are now available in PDF form from the Defense Technical Information Center.

Search the website www.discover.dtic.mil for this and other historical materials.

Also available in text (OCR form) at the National Library of Medicine website:


Let There Be Light on Google Video

"Let There Be Light"


Description: To explore the psychological rehabilitation of WWII soldiers injured in battle, Academy Award winning director John Huston took a Signal Corps camera crew to Mason General Hospital on Long Island, New York. The resulting film, steeped with images of suffering, is not only one of the greatest films ever made on the subject of war's impact on the human spirit, but a tribute to the raw courage of the men themselves.

View online at Google Video (small fee)

This file may also be found for sale at times on Ebay (VHS/DVD)

Surgeon General's Report - Prevention of Loss From Psychiatric Disorders

LEFT: Figure One from Surgeon General's Report - Prevention of Loss From Psychiatric Disorders
History of Combat Psychiatry

Link above to the text War Psychiatry from the Textbook of Military Medicine series.

LEFT: Figure Two from Surgeon General's Report - Prevention of Loss From Psychiatric Disorders
Operational/Combat Stress Control Links
Natural Killers

Volume One of Neuropsychiatry in WWII is available online on the AMEDD History website - use link below:

Neuropsychiaty in WWII - Volume I
Shades of Gray - WWII Documentary