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Background: "Lessons Learned"

During the Persian Gulf War, many units were deployed on short notice. When this occurred, immediate human services to personnel and their families were lacking, resulting in unresolved conflicts for staff being sent to their duty stations. There were situations where personnel became casualties of the stress resulting from unresolved family, personal, financial, job, etc. issues not being resolved prior to deployment. As a result, some staff were prematurely returned from duty prior to completion of the their mission or tour of duty while others were not as effective as they could have been if issues were initially resolved prior to deployment.

Actual case examples:

An Army Reserve physician whose creditors would not obey the existing laws regarding their procedures when he was called to military duty. When the soldier returned to civilian work his financial losses were significant causing him to loose his medical practice.

A person whose husband stated he would divorce her and give the children to her parents to raise if she was deployed.

A parent with an unstable child who could not provide the emotional support when deployed and could not arrange for this support on short notice. The child committed suicide.

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Protocol booklets containing the interview questions are available through Psycho-Legal

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For more HARRT information, contact COL (Ret) Bart Billings using the link above.