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11th Annual Tri-Service Combat Stress Conference

The 11th Annual Tri-Service Combat Stress Conference was held 2- 8 May, 2003 at Camp Pendleton, California (see photos below).

Participants all enjoyed the countryclub atmosphere and excellent meals at the San Luis Rey Officer's Club.
Link here to brochure
Link to driving directions

California's Predeployment Stress Screening Program

Left = Webmaster MAJ Guy C. Lamunyon doing presentation about the California Premobilization Screening Program

Postwar counseling
Returning troops get post-war counseling

By Russ Bynum
Associated Press

Sgt. Joe Dombrowski watches his wife, Michelle, play with his youngest daughter, Madyson, in the living room of their Hinesville, Ga., home. Before returning from the Persian Gulf, soldiers from the 3rd Infantry Division had mandatory sessions with their chaplains to discuss readjustment to civilian society. — Stephen Morton / AP photo

FORT STEWART, Ga. — Army Sgt. Joe Dombrowski did not see the worst of the war, but he witnessed some pretty bad stuff: the sound of enemy artillery as his unit crossed the Tigris River; the bloodstains on a Humvee after one of his commanders was killed; the soldier who survived a grenade blast that blackened even the whites of his eyes.

Now, when the latest news from Iraq comes on his big-screen TV back home, Dombrowski looks away. “I listen to it, but I don’t want to see it again,” says Dombrowski, 31, who recently returned from Iraq. “Some of that stuff I want to push away, and I don’t want to talk about it.”

Dombrowski is still working through his feelings, just as many of his comrades are doing.

As part of an Army-wide program, all 16,500 soldiers from Fort Stewart’s 3rd Infantry who fought in Iraq have undergone mandatory counseling to deal with the war’s aftermath and the return home.

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