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10th Annual Tri-Service Combat Stress Conference
The 10th Annual Tri-Service Combat Stress Conference was held 3 - 9 May 2002 at Camp Pendleton, California. Conference Presenters brought experiences from the Pentagon and World Trade Center disasters which were emotionally charged during the 4-5 May Conference Segment. Two day event Certification Training for Basic Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM), Advance CISM, Pastoral Crisis Intervention CISM and Peer & Individual Support CISM was conducted between 6-9 May.

Conference Brochure (pdf format)
Psychiatric Evaluation of Suspected Terrorists
LTC Ansar M. Haroun, M.D., USAR, 4211th U.S. Army Hospital, San Diego
Grief...A Tangled 'Ball of Emotions'
Dr. H. Norman Wright, M.R.E., M.A., Long Beach, CA
Cohesion, Leadership, Training: Keys to Prevention of Psychological Injury
Dr. Jonathan Shay, M.D., PdD., Boston, MA
Readiness in Relation to Stress Management
Chaplain (COL) Linda E. Jordan, USAFR, HQ Air Mobility Command/Heandquarters Chaplain, Scott AFB